Chinese Gender Chart, Brazilian Gender Chart Automatically Calculator Tool

You can know your baby's gender using Gender Select Calendar(Chinese/Brazilian) in this page.

What is "Chinese Gender Table"?

"Chinese Gender Table" will predict baby's sexuality from conception month and mother's age.
This table was made in China in the 13th century based on birth statistics at that time.
In spite of it, Its accuracy rate is about 90~99% in recent years.

What is "Brazilian Gender Table"?

"Brazilian Gender Table" is made in Brazil as same as Chinese Gender Table. Its accuracy is about 85%
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Auto Calc Condition (required)

Birthday (Gregorian)

/ / 19

Conception date (intercourse date)

/ /

Configuration (*Left item is primary definition.)

Convert birthday to old calendar
Yes No
Convert conception date to old calendar
Yes No
Age system (Original definition is East Asian reckoning, but said result by Western is much predictive.
East Asian age reckoning Western age reckoning
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Execute Calculation (Calculate and show baby's gender and marked table)

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